Healthy Eating

San Diego Grown 365

San Diego County boasts more than 6,600 farms, significantly more than any other county in the United States. Its Mediterranean climate and ideal year-round growing season enable the county to grow over 200 agricultural crops, including numerous unique and heirloom varieties.
To raise awareness among consumers of the abundance and availability of locally grown produce, the San Diego County Farm Bureau launched the San Diego Grown 365 (365) brand. In existence since 2004, 365 identifies and certifies local products and producers within San Diego County. The red starburst certification mark is used by participating growers as a packaging label, on promotional materials, and on websites and other electronic media. More recently, San Diego Born & Raised was added as a complementary brand to further identify local products.
San Diego's ever expanding local food movement now includes a broad range of food serving and selling operations. County grown fruits and vegetables can be found throughout the local product channel, from farmers markets and restaurants to public and institutional meal providers. 
To recognize and promote these organizations, Healthy Works has re-launched 365 to engage three primary stakeholder groups: (1) farmers and growers; (2) meal-serving establishments, such as restaurants and institutions; and (3) retail establishments. Some examples of where you will see the 365 logo include Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), certified farmers markets, convenience and corner stores, food trucks, restaurants, bars, wineries, schools, and hospitals. Licensees of 365 will receive at no charge:
  • Authorization to use the 365 certification mark
  • A listing on the County Farm Bureau website as a 365 licensee
  • Access to digital point of decision and promotional graphics
  • Recognition of the business's commitment to the local food movement via ongoing promotional efforts of the County Farm Bureau and affiliated organizations
  • Access to the San Diego Grown Exchange at, which connects local farmers with retail stores, restaurants/institutions, and distributors interested in sourcing locally grown products
Licensee responsibilities include purchasing and promoting local food at their establishment and with their business partners, and participating in other local food promotion programs.