Active Living

Physical Activity Integration

A major chronic disease prevention and health equity objective of Healthy Works is to increase physical activity among San Diego County residents.  Several Healthy Works efforts aim to fulfill the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention (NEOP) objective of improving the likelihood that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligible individuals will choose physically active lifestyles that allow them to meet the national Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.  
These include efforts to integrate physical activity into existing and emerging nutrition education opportunities provided throughout the county.  However, increasing physical activity requires going beyond educating individuals to make better choices. Healthy Works and its partners also pursue policy, systems and environmental change strategies that create and sustain community settings more supportive of active living. Examples of these NEOP policy, system and environmental change activities include:
  • Assess the community's physical environment for how well it helps or hinders physical activity opportunities such as walking and active transportation (e.g. bicycling, using transit) 
  • Identify and track existing policies in schools, early childhood centers, community settings and other local agencies that support active living and physical activity
  • Partner with city and regional planning agencies to encourage development and implementation of environments and policies that support active transportation and active living.
For more information on NEOP physical activity integration and active living efforts, contact Hugo Salgado.