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Live Well @ Work

There is a great need to address health in the workplace, where many people spend a large part of their day.  Among San Diego County adults, 27% have high blood pressure, 22% are obese, and 13% are smokers. Health concerns like these contribute to chronic diseases which in 2010 cost a staggering $4.6 billion in San Diego County. Those numbers impact San Diego County employers in many ways, including the bottom line. The good news is that comprehensive worksite wellness programs make good business sense, while making a positive and often lasting impact on employee health and extending these impacts to their families and communities. Healthy employees mean healthy businesses, and healthy businesses save money.
Live Well @ Work is a Healthy Works program that empowers small, mid-sized and large employers to establish/enhance workplace health programs.   Live Well @ Work efforts are tailored to the needs of employers and employees and strive to address a variety of health topics to create an overall healthier workforce.  
Healthy Works staff and staff from UC San Diego Center for Community Health have developed and implemented several worksite wellness programs through Live Well @ Work, some of which are described below.
Worksite Wellness Program, Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention
The Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention (NEOP) Worksite Wellness Program helps businesses that employ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligible employees to develop comprehensive wellness programs and policies at no cost, including implementing tools and resources to create a culture and environment that supports healthy eating and physical activity. For more information on this program, contact Kelley Thompson.
Worksite Wellness Resource Library
The library serves as a clearinghouse of free assessment tools and resources to support employers in promoting policy change and implementing program efforts to improve workforce health. Whether an employer is in the early stages of developing a worksite wellness initiative, or is looking to build upon an established program, the resource library will can help. The Resource Library provides a range of materials from start-up toolkits and best-practice guides, to topic-specific resources in areas such as cardiovascular disease prevention, healthy nutrition, smoking cessation, occupational health and safety, and emotional wellness, just to name a few.
Lactation Accommodation in the Workplace
The Workplace Lactation Policy program, part of overall Live Well @ Work efforts, increases the number of worksites that accommodate and support lactating mothers returning to work, and that adopt and implement breastfeeding/lactation policies. Breastfeeding is the first defense against obesity, yet many mothers returning to work are not provided a reasonable amount of break time or access to clean, private spaces for lactation.  Live Well @ Work partners with employers, school principals, school district personnel, Human Resource managers, facility maintenance managers and policy-makers at all levels to help promote a healthy workplace. 
For more information on Live Well @ Work, please contact Chesley Blevins.
For more information on worksite wellness, visit the Resource Library