Healthy Eating

Eat Well Standards Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide a brief synopsis of important issues that impact food, our health, environment, and economics.



General Overview The Eat Well Standards will help COSD bring about positive change and model what it means to live well. This document highlights venues impacted and the importance of these changes.
Sodium Reduction The Eat Well Standards will promote strategies that help individuals maintain diets low in sodium. This fact sheet discusses the importance of sodium reduction and strategies to increase low sodium options in COSD venues.
Peer-to-Peer Presentation The Eat Well Standards peer-to-peer presentation is a tool designed for County of San Diego employees to share information with colleagues about the Eat Well Standards.
Meet Well Pledge The Meet Well Pledge is a tool for County of San Diego employees to voluntarily align their workplace environment with the vision of Live Well San Diego


Additional Eat Well Information: County Vending Policy

The following lists provide vending machine options that are in compliance with County of San Diego’s Healthy Vending Board Policy.


For more information, contact JuliAnna Arnett, Food Systems Specialist, at (619) 692-8248 or JuliAnna Arnett.