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Eat Well Standards

Live Well San Diego is the County of San Diego (COSD) vision of a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely, and Thriving. To help achieve the vision of Live Well San Diego, the COSD is developing standards for all food and beverages offered by the COSD. Healthy Works is leading this process. 
The Eat Well Standards will help bring about positive change and model what it means to live well. The standards will consider the nutritional, environmental, and economic impacts of the foods and beverages we purchase and consume, and promote a healthy food system. 
How Will the Eat Well Standards Affect Food Offered in the COSD?
The Eat Well Standards will increase the number of positive food and beverage choices available in County cafeterias, congregate and custodial meals, vending, and at County-hosted meetings and events. Standards may support:
  • increased water access;
  • increased healthy food and beverage options;
  • additional local, organic, and sustainable product preferences;
  • use of reusable or recyclable food and beverage containers/serviceware;
  • food waste reduction and recovery measures; and
  • healthy, local, and sustainable menu labeling.
How Will the Eat Well Standards be Developed?
Healthy Works will consider the latest dietary guidelines, food system literature and science, food service best practices, and broad stakeholder input in the development of the Eat Well Standards. 
Several special activities are being designed to gather COSD employee input. For more information, see Employee Engagement and Development Action Plan or contact JuliAnna Arnett, Food Systems Specialist, at (619) 692-8248 or JuliAnna Arnett
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